Lezyne Pro Tubeless Kit - Bicycle Tire Plug Kit w/ CO2 Inflator

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Engineered for road, mountain, or gravel bikes, the comprehensive Pro Tubeless Kit is the perfect all-in-one tubeless tire repair system.

It features a compact, lightweight aluminum housing that cleanly integrates a mix of two different-size tire plugs, a plug insertion tool, a plug retention tool, a valve core remover, a CO2 inflator, and a micro knife. Combined, this offers the simplest, most portable way to seal a tubeless tire across any tire size/type and cleanly remove any excess plug remnants with the included knife for a smooth ride home.

Additional/replacement plugs are also available separately.

Note: Sealing performance may vary based on puncture size, tire size and tire pressure.

WEIGHT: 50g ' 0.1lbs
LOADED: 135g ' 0.3lbs
SIZE: 19.6 x 19.6 x 113 mm
LOADED: 79.6 x 30 x 113 mm

Stainless Steel Reamer/Inserter Tool
Plug Retention Tool
Stainless Steel Knife
Presta CO2 Inflator
5x 3.5mm and 5x 1.5mm tire plugs