Redington Trailblazer Freshwater Fly Fishing Rod 6 Piece 9' 5wt

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If you're looking for a fly rod that's not only a joy to cast but a total space saver and game for every adventure-look no

further than the TRAILBLAZER.

- Easy casting medium-fast action designed for any trout fishing scenario

- 6 Piece Rod, makes it easy to pack in a bag, luggage, or your camper

- Single Foot Snake Guides Reducing Weight

- A Compact Rod Tube Keeps It Safe While Reducing Footprint

- Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat Improves Durability

- Lively Colorway Is Styled For Adventure

- Lightest Travel Rod We've Ever Built

- 9' 5wt - Go-to for Mountain Lakes, for Long Casts and Windy Conditions

- Lifetime Warranty