POC Cycling Mountain Bike VPD System Lite Knee Pad Set Size SML Uranium Black

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POC's most ventilated protection yet, the VPD Lite Knee Armor provides high impact absorbency, low friction sliding and incredible breathability, letting you rip trails with confidence and in comfort. POC understands that when you're wearing knee pads you want as much protection as possible but not to the detriment of comfort and flexibility. This is where the VPD Lite Knee Armor really shines. The flexible VPD protection molds to the body and is certified to the European EN16211, level 1 standard, and this is paired with a mesh fabric on the inner and large ventilation channels which offer impressively cool, breathable comfort no matter how rowdy you get. As soon as the VPD is hit it hardens to absorb the impact, while a low friction outer ensures you slide, further dissipating the impact of a crash. Reinforced fabric on the outer enhances durability, letting them take multiple impacts without sustaining damage. Confidence inspiring protection and comfort means you can push your riding further and faster. VPD Protection POC's VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) has a decade of knowledge and progression behind it and when you're pushing hard on your bike then it's almost inevitable you'll fall. VDP lets you get up, again and again, no matter how many times gravity gets the better of you. Allowing complete freedom of movement, VPD is flexible protection with a shock absorbing inner layer matched to an abrasion resistant outer. Features: 3D molded VPD protection EN 1621-1 certified shock absorption Large ventilation channels which ensure extreme ventilation Mesh fabric on the interior optimizes moisture management Sleeve constructed with reinforced fabric in the front panel for a precise and secure fit