Pioneer Crank Arm Power Meter Single Leg Sensor SGY-PMLTC

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Power Meter Upgrade Kit for Consumer Supplied Left Crank Arms 
Now Compatible with ULTEGRA R8000!
Compatible with DURA-ACE R9100, 9000, ULTEGRA R8000, 6800, 105 (FC-5800), XTR Trail (FC-M9020), XT (FC-M8000), Cannondale Hollowgram Si and SiSL2, Campagnolo Potenza 11
No new crank arm investment needed
Ship existing left crank arm to Pioneer for factory installation and calibration
Pre-paid return shipment

The SGY-PMLTC enables cyclists to ride with power in a few easy steps. Pack your left crank arm and ship it directly to Pioneer’s installation center where the advanced power meter technology is installed. Pioneer has a proven system performing the ship, install, and return procedure and facilitates a quick turn-around of the consumer’s crank arm with power meter. Throughout the entire process Pioneer keeps in constant communication.