Mavic Cycling Women Echappée Pro Helmet White/Blue Moon Medium 54-59cm

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Finding a comfortable helmet can feel a little bit like searching for a needle in a haystack, but Mavic makes it a little bit easier with its Women's Echappee Pro Helmet. While nobody can guarantee a perfect fit for every head shape, Mavic's Live Fit technology goes a long way towards meeting that bar. Its band of plush, adaptable XRD memory foam spans the front of the helmet and customizes the fit to your specific head shape. This ensures a secure, comfortable fit that absorbs road vibrations and disperses impact forces in the event of a crash. A lightweight and stylish helmet Large vents promote cooling airflow Extended coverage boosts protection across the back of the head Live Fit tech adapts to your head shape Inner padding wicks sweat and dries quickly Easily adjustable retention system