Fabric Essentials Scoop Elite Shallow Bicycle Saddle Seat Black

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Fabric is the hot new saddle brand on the market, thanks to their amazing mix of comfort, performance, and unique construction. The Scoop Elite is designed as a multi-discipline saddle that's as at home on the roads as it is on gravel or out on the trail. No matter where you want to take your bike, the Scoop can comfortably get you there. That's because the Scoop is all about versatility. Not only is it built incredibly strong, with Fabric's three-part saddle building process, but it also comes in three different shapes to fit every body type and style of riding imaginable. The Scoop is tuned for flexibility, thanks to its lightweight nylon base. The solid chromoly rails are lightweight, but provide a solid, durable interface for the saddle that helps dampen vibration coming up the seatpost and can stand up to gravel and trail riding. The waterproof microfiber cover stands up to years of hard use. The biggest story with the Scoop Elite though is the different saddle shapes. For more flexible riders who like to shift around on the saddle, the flat option is probably the way to go. For Less flexible, more powerful riders, the radius may provide more support, while the shallow shape provides a nice in between option. Of course, it will all depend on your personal preferences, and how you like your saddle to feel. But isn't it always nice to have options? Choose flat, shallow, or radius shapes Flexible nylon shell for all day comfort Chromoly rails optimize durability Weather-proof microcover cover stands up to years of hard use 142mm x 282 266g