Evoc CC 3L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack Neon Blue, One Size

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When you're committed to a finishing your first 72-hour race, you want to keep your load pretty minimal. You know you'll have food and mechanics at the end of every lap, and your energy is more important than the gear you could carry. With that said, you'll still want the space for hydration, a tube, and a multi-tool, and the EVOC CC 3L Plus 2L Bladder Hydration Pack is just the vehicle to carry it in. This compact pack is lightweight, adding less than a pound to your ride weight, and loads you up with the space you want for the gear you need. This pack is essentially the smaller sibling of the CC 6L. In fact, it holds exactly half the amount of gear in a single side zip pocket located on the front of the pack, and features a small mesh compartment in its larger pocket where its reservoir sits. If you need to stash a light layer, adjustable elastic straps secure it to the outside of the pack for easy access. The pack also comes with a 2-liter bladder. If you tend to drink more, or the feed zones are a bit farther apart, the CC 3L expands to hold the 3-liter Evoc bladder. Each bladder is designed with a full-slide top for fast and easy filling.